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About Solarus

We help businesses reach their goals.


Everything you need to know about Solarus is that simple. We provide the voice and data communications options that make a difference for our business customers. Now, exactly how we do that is quite a story!

Even though Solarus is the largest independent telephone company in Wisconsin, we work one-on-one with a business to help make it stand out from the rest. We call it being a different animal. Solarus business reps take the necessary time to know a business before offering cost-effective communication solutions that increase productivity and maximize growth potential.

Are we successful? Well, our business customers give us great feedback, using words like “trusted,” “customer-focused,” “committed,” and “profitable.” OK, we’ve bragged enough. You’re invited to read more in-depth customer testimonials and see for yourself.

For over a century, Solarus has provided quality telecommunications service at a fair price. As we celebrate our rich history, we continue to grow and expand our products and services while still being an independent small business.

Proud of our Wisconsin roots.

Based in Northcentral Wisconsin, Solarus is wholly owned by stockholders, who also happen to be our customers. As we continue to expand and provide the latest in communication technologies across the state, we remember how we got here: honest work, dedication to customers, and diversification.

As we strive to remain the ultimate provider of communication technologies in our markets, we give back to the cities we serve. Our company proudly supports area Chambers of Commerce, schools, and non-profits in every community of which we’re a part.

Powerful Technology. Locally Invested.—We are dedicated to establishing a high-level of customer confidence by providing advanced technology solutions to our communities, making them vibrant places in which to live and do business.

Why We’re a Different Animal—It’s a jungle out there. So, jump at any advantage that helps you serve customers better. Tame your fierce business challenges with world-class telecommunications.

A Rich History—Welcome to more than a century of innovation, insight, and incredible customer service. Solarus has time-tested experience on which your business can rely.

Customer Testimonials—When you do things right, people appreciate the effort, and the results. Read some actual comments from people whose businesses have seen the impact Solarus can provide.

Get To Know Us—Providing dedicated service for over a century, we do everything we can to support our local community. Get a summary of who we are, our products and services, and contributions we’ve made to area schools and non-profit organizations.

Call 800-421-9282 or contact us now and see for yourself how a "different animal" can be a true business partner and make a real difference to your bottom line.