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Hosted Systems

A Hosted phone system provides big advantages

All your business communications needs in one neat package.

Here’s a quick overview:

Solarus Hosted Business System allows you to purchase and pay for what you need (only once; it’s a lifetime purchase without necessarily being locked in), and Solarus houses, maintains, and owns the equipment. Basically, it’s the licensing of VoIP systems, internet access, telephone access, and more.

The Hosted Business System is housed in Solarus’s central office. We provide the data network, the phones, and the integration to your network. We upgrade the system and features, and maintain the network without you being charged a cost; just pay a monthly fee per user, and everything you need for your business communications system is included. At least it is for Solarus customers!

Call 800-421-9282 or contact us now and see for yourself how a "different animal" can be a true business partner and make a real difference to your bottom line.