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No capital cost

“Can you explain ‘no capital cost’ for me?”

Hosted is the cash flow-friendly way to stay connected.

You hire Solarus to provide and manage your telephone and data systems for one per user/per month price. Then, you can focus on your passion … your business.

Wow, you’ll never again cut a giant check to purchase a business phone system! Our product comes to you without paying a single dollar for equipment, training, or installation.

Solarus Hosted Business System is an all-inclusive offering, so you get it all! When you consider all of your telecommunications costs, Solarus Hosted Business System is often less than your total cost of ownership with your current system.

No capital cost boosts your business!

  • Improved cash flow
  • Quicker technology adoption
  • Easier to get the items required to run your business better
  • Better customer interaction
  • Instant efficiencies

Call 800-421-9282 or contact us now and see for yourself how a "different animal" can be a true business partner and make a real difference to your bottom line.