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Solarus HomeMonitoring package options

Choose the right package for your home and budget.

Solarus HomeMonitoring is offered in packages that meet your specific needs. No matter which you select, giving you total flexibility without the inconvenience of hardwired systems. Call (800) 421-9282 to discuss your home monitoring needs.

Edge Gateway – The central hub of Solarus HomeMonitoring system gives you control via any Internet connection or smart mobile device.

Motion Detection – Indicates motion coming into a designated area; simple programming connects the sensor to the notification type you select.

Door/Window Sensor – These sensors are slim and small to not distract from your home’s cosmetic appeal; sensitive and reliable contacts avoid false alarms.

Live and Snapshot IP Camera – High-resolution video camera takes snapshots based on selected triggering: door lock opening, motion, watch live video, door/window sensor.

Smart Thermostat – Replaces most existing thermostats and you can control it from anywhere. It can also notify you if a temperature is too high or too low. You can set up automatic temperature setting changes based on schedules or events.

Appliance Control Outlet – Plugs into a standard AC outlet and can control a lamp or small appliance. It can be controlled manually from the switches app, automatically based on rules such as turning a light on when the door is opened, or from pressing the button on the unit.

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