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Bringing comfort and convenience to families

Solarus HomeMonitoring delivers affordable home security and monitoring

There are many reasons to appreciate all the benefits of our modern monitoring system: safety, convenience, security, peace of mind. Here are testimonials from homeowners who have put their trust in Solarus HomeMonitoring.

“What I needed was a way to see who was coming and going. Solarus HomeMonitoring does that and more. I like the instant access to my home when I’m gone. Plus, the installation was quick and easy with no messy drilling or wires. This is a goodhearted company that cares about people. I can honestly tell you that I feel completely safe and in control of my home.” — J. Downs

“As a working mother, what’s important is my kids’ safety and comfort. They’re not toddlers anymore, but I don’t worry any less. I appreciate being able to monitor my house from work. I watch the kids leave in the morning and come home after school. When I’m not there, things are handled. I trust HomeMonitoring because they’ve kept up-to-date on the latest affordable wireless technology.” — K. Gorman

“Here’s the short story: I sleep like a baby. When I’m home, I’m comfortable. When I travel for work, this is still my castle. I’m in control at all times, the system is easy to operate, and I’m not wasting time being worried. That stress is gone. Solarus HomeMonitoring is very professional; they’ve gone above expectations, even with the price. I recommend it to anybody who wants peace of mind.” — B. Kittle

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