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With increasing data technologies, our customers are able to edge farther and farther out, attracting customers from greater distances. So, they often are doing business over the phone, email, and teleconferencing, utilizing the desktop and voice conferencing. Solarus has on-demand conferencing to fit these needs. Take a look at our product set below.

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SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) Trunking/IP Centrex

Get a feature-rich, crystal-clear phone line delivered over your internet connection

  • Unlimited Long Distance
  • Caller ID
  • Web Portal (day-to-day management)
  • Mobility features
  • And, much more!

Starting at $39 per month

PRI (Primary Rate Interface)

Get 23 voice trunks plus a data channel for the management of inbound and outbound calls.

  • 23+ D channels
  • Unlimited Long Distance Available
  • Caller ID
  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
  • Automatic Number Identification (ANI)

Starting at $249 per month

Traditional Voice Line

Need a feature-rich voice line? A traditional voice line is just the ticket. Unlimited business lines also available for small business.

  • 1 standard business line
  • Unlimited local calling
  • Unlimited long distance
  • Voice Mail
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • Automatic Call Back
  • 3-way Calling
  • Call Forwarding
  • Conferencing
  • Notify Plus

Starting at $35.99 per month

On-Demand Conferencing

A Conference Bridge solution that’s a snap to set up.

  • On-demand conference calls
  • Managed through a web portal
  • Attendee control
  • Record up to 120 minutes

 Starting at $10.00 per month

Notify Plus

Great solution for sending group notifications via text, voice, or email

  • Send invitations
  • Market to a large audience
  • Send reminders or cancelations
  • Announce new promotions

Starting at $10.00 per month